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Hair Growth with Vegetable Formulation

“I used to get severe migraine attacks, and only prescription drugs could help me. But since a friend of mine introduced me to Miraclemed supplements, it has been helping me tremendously. This was a real miracle for me. I highly Recommend their products and I do believe in Miraclemed Pharmaceutical products.”

-Rabi David

Monsey, N.Y.


“I think biotin forte plus vitamin D by Miracelemed is the most inexpensive natural product among the biotin market I’ve come across. My wallet loves it, my hair loves it, my skin loves it, and my nails!!”

-Christina L.


“After I had my baby, on top of weight gain and mood fluctuation I started losing my hair as well. It  depressing to see a lot of changes. My doctor recommended Biotin Forte with Vit D made by Miraclemed, and it helped me regain not only my hair but my confidence as well. I am pleased with my decision and highly recommend it.”

-Sharon, Los Angeles


“Before using Miraclemed’s Biotin with Vitamin D I was embarrassed by my thinning hair which I was always trying to cover up through comb-overs and other products which failed. Now with Biotin with Vitamin D by Miraclemed, I have had amazing results. My hair is now thick and wavy and no longer do I spend hours in the mirror trying to cover up my areas of thin hair on my head.”

-John R. Pompano Beach, FL


“My hair has always been the root of all my headaches. I’ve been trying to grow it out for years and nothing I would try seemed to work. Finally, I was introduced to Miraclemed’s Biotin Forte with Vit D, and after a short period of time noticed my hair was finally growing, and growing stronger than ever.”

-Neela, San Jose


“I inherited very thin and chipping nails. I was always embarrassed on dates with my nails constantly chipping no matter what I did. I even tried manicures. Miraclemed’s Bio silica and Biotin with vitamin D has cured my thin chipping nail problem. I’m no longer embarrassed in front of women or at work now that my nails are healthy.”

-Irving, San Diego, California


“As a young teenager it was so difficult for me to see all my friends with beautiful long hair and I had to constantly cut my hair because it was always falling out. One of my friends told me about Miraclemed’s Products Bio-silica with Vit D, and now I can finally enjoy my long hair with no chemicals or harsh hair treatments.”

-Megan, Valencia


“I have tried every kind of vitamin supplements for the hair, I’ve tried different biotins. then I came across Miraclemed products, and was attracted to their all natural Biotin Forte with Vit D. Supplement. I’ve been taking it for about a year now and I’ve never been more satisfied with my long and strong hair, my skin, and my strong nails.”

– Carolyne, Beverly Hills


“I am doubly cursed with thin hair and nails that seem to fall off just by looking at them. Since I started using Miraclemed products Biotin and Biosilica with vitamin D, I am a new person. Both products have helped my hair thicken and my nails strengthen. Now when I go to meetings or on a date I feel on hundred percent more confident with both my hairstyle and my nails. My barber is even asked me what my trick is that thickened up my hair my hair so beautifully.”

– Daniel K, Great Neck, NY


“Thanks to Miraclemed products, since I’ve been taking it for about a six month now, and I’ve never been more satisfied with my long and strong hair, my long and strong nail and my skin.”

– Sara, New York

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